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live edge table

To view our range of live edge furniture or to discuss a bespoke piece please visit here or contact us today.

Every new Forest to Home project starts with sourcing the perfect piece of wood. We work with a number of saw-mills across the UK who aid us in finding stunning live edge slabs of wood that make our furniture stand out from the rest.

Our recent blog on Live edge furniture explains in detail what it is and the different types produced by Forest to Home.

Preserving Natures Design.


Forest to Home always aims to source the most interesting slabs of wood that we can find. We strive to find the pieces with the most knots, the most visible grain, the deepest cracks and the gnarliest edges. Many other furniture makers would discard these features as flaws but we embrace natures imperfections and enhance them into beautiful pieces of furniture.

We use a mixture of modern and traditional methods to hand-craft every piece.

To produce any piece of live edge furniture, we firstly ensure the future stability of the slab by removing as much moisture from it as possible. Live edge timber destined for the home is first air dried in a process called ‘in stick’, this involves a log being milled and then restacked in a way that allows air to pass between each piece. Average drying times using this method are estimated to be around 1 inch of thickness per year. Once suitable the timber is then placed into a Kiln, reducing its moisture content down to around 5-12%.  See our blog on Air dried vs Kiln dried for tips on which methods we use.

It is quite common for live edge timber to warp and crack during this drying period. For this reason each piece needs to be flattened and if necessary, strengthened further by adding ties, bows or supports.


Live edge rustic timber

Live edge timber, Kiln Dried and ready to be crafted into furniture.

The slab is then planed to the desired thickness and the live edge features are hand finished to preserve as much of their character as possible.

We use complementary materials such as metal and resins in a variety of ways to enhance the distinguishing features. Check out our Pewter collection and recent Resin board room table.

We treat the finished piece with oils and tints that provide both an aesthetical finish and a practical durability.

Finally, we incorporate the finished live edge slab into the overall design, often enhancing it with other wood or metal accessories to produce a completed piece of Forest to Home live edge furniture. From rustic to contemporary, country to farmhouse, our expertise extends across multiple styles to provide a wide range of interior solutions.







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